HOW DOES IT WORK? SC governor limits gatherings to 3 people

HOW DOES IT WORK? SC governor limits gatherings to 3 people

ROCK HILL, S.C. — In South Carolina, the governor announced Tuesday that all schools will remain closed through the end of April.

It applies to all K-12 schools, along with universities and technical colleges.

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Gov. Henry McMaster also ordered that police can now break up groups of three people.

It's up to officers' discretion whether those people are a threat to public health.

South Carolina bureau reporter Greg Suskin spoke with police Tuesday in Rock Hill about how authorities are approaching it.

Suskin said, “This is an odd comparison, but sort of the same way they handle fireworks.”

People can't shoot fireworks in the city limits of Rock Hill, but police only come and tell you to stop if they get a call or a complaint about it.

In the same way, they don't plan to turn officers into the social-distancing patrol.

McMaster said it was designed so people don’t have to shelter in place, but he said the state could consider a shelter in place order with all options being on the table.

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