• 12-year-old girl accused of crashing stolen car into bus

    By: Ken Lemon


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A 12-year-old girl faces a list of charges after police said she stole a car, crashed into a parked car, then a school bus. They said she had marijuana.

    Witness Alexandria Rolon said the 12-year-old after the incident seemed completely unbothered by what happened.

    Police said the girl smashed into Rolon's car parked in front of her home and then smashed into a school bus with several children on board.

    No one was hurt.

    "You wonder if a little kid was getting off that bus what would have happened,” Rolon said.

    Rolon said the driver looked at her as drove away, then came back minutes later and parked the wrecked car at the Bette Rae Center across the street.

    Rolon and a neighbor watched her get out and walk away.

    "Didn't try to run, didn't. Police officer talked to her pulled her over by the car and that's when we walked over.  She just stood there and looked at us like nothing happened,” Rolon said.

    Police said the girl had marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    Rolon said she cannot drive her damaged car and as a single mother of a 1-year-old, she needs a way to get to her job in Rock Hill, 22 miles away.

    "Now I have to figure out this situation and figure out a way to get to work cause this is how I make a living,” she said.

    Police took the 12-year-old to a juvenile detention facility. Channel 9 spoke with the girl's mother briefly.

    She did not want to comment about what happened.

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