Security camera captures porch pirate swiping package from Gaston Co. home

Security camera captures porch pirate swiping package from Gaston Co. home

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. — A man in Kings Mountain watched as thieves stole a package right off his front porch.

Jacob Haynes said his security camera captured people taking a package delivered to the front door of his home on Unity Church Road in Kings Mountain.

"I was almost in disbelief at first," Haynes said.

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He told Channel 9 he got an alert on his phone while he was at work and watched helplessly as a woman grabbed his package, tossed it into the bed of a red pickup truck and took off.

"It's just really disappointing to see my hard-earned money just getting picked up and taken away like this," he said.

Gaston County police Sgt. Matt Johnson said police expect to hear about more crimes such as this one.

"Unfortunately, 'tis the season," Johnson said.

Johnson said thieves will often trail delivery trucks.

"Watch where the packages get delivered, or they are just driving around in the neighborhood looking for packages on the front porch," he said.

(WATCH BELOW to see video of the suspect stealing the package)

In most cases, if the item isn't insured, then the victim eats the loss.

Amazon, however, refunded half the cost of Haynes' stolen heater. A new one came in the mail Monday, and he was there to get it himself.

Haynes said he is now adding new security around his home in case the thieves return.

"If I can help catch people like that and also protect my belongings better, then it's not hard for me to do that," Haynes said.

Police said many of the items stolen from front doors are resold person to person online.

Officers suggest that online shoppers get their packages shipped to the post office, if possible.