Security guard charged with killing Club Lust patron wasn't licensed

Security guard charged with killing Club Lust patron wasn't licensed

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The security guard charged with killing a patron inside a north Charlotte club in November was not licensed to work security in North Carolina, Channel 9 learned.

Wade Mosley was arrested shortly after the shooting at Club Lust on Atando Ave. on Nov. 27.

State agents said Mosley had been registered with the Private Protective Services Board as an armed security guard in August 2015, but that he let that registration lapse in August of this year, and should not have been on the job.

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Bud Cesena, a retired police officer who is on the Private Protective Services Board, said license lapses are happening more than they would like.

“It's a huge problem, and it's a bigger problem than I think folks realize in that it happens all over the place in North Carolina,” Cesena said.

In the last year, Eyewitness News has investigated two cases where unlicensed or unregistered security guards were on the job in Charlotte.

In May, 2016, Channel 9 reported that Steven Andiloro was arrested for contracting to provide security at the Epicentre in uptown Charlotte without a license.

One of his guards was a registered sex offender.

In September, Channel 9 reported that Marcus Williams, charged with looting one Charlotte business during rioting uptown, was hired the next day to provide security at another business.

Cesena said many businesses looking for security guards simply don’t do their homework.

“The reason that it happens is that people don't check to see if they've had any training,” he said.

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