North Meck track star killed, another student hurt in Huntersville crash

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. — Two families and a Mecklenburg County High School are all devastated after a young track star was killed in a car crash in Huntersville on Thursday. 

Her boyfriend, a North Mecklenburg High School football player, was still in the hospital Friday.

Enjoneah Reel was a cheerleader, track star and the apple of her father's eye.

"My daughter was the perfect child," Anthony Reel said. "Good grades, stayed out of trouble."

Reel and her boyfriend Kalvin McCollum were in a car traveling on McCoy Road at about 5 p.m. when they were involved in a head-on collision.

Reel died and Kalvin McCollum was rushed to the hospital.

Reel's father Anthony said McCollum was still in intensive care Friday. 

He said McCollum was able to talk and briefly described the moments before the crash.

"Approaching the curve, that the car that was coming towards them had crossed over the center line and he tried to swerve to avoid the car," Anthony Reel said.

Neighbors told Channel 9 they're praying and even purchasing food for the families.

"We feel so badly for the families involved and I pray for them. I wish a speedy recovery for the young man," one neighbor said. 

Reel is preparing to say a final goodbye to his daughter. 

"We were going to take her to get her learner's permit on her birthday, but now we got to bury her on her birthday," he said.

He said his daughter ranked No. 1 in the state in track her freshman year. She would have been a sophomore this year. 

Huntersville police haven't said what caused the crash or if anyone will face charges.

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