• Service held Sunday night to promote community healing

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CHARLOTTE - Sunday night, there was an interfaith service at the Park Road Baptist Church to promote community healing. Community members chose not to focus on former Mayor Patrick Cannon and the allegations against him—but some think the service was held because of the controversy.

    Religious leaders tried to help Charlotte residents come together.

    “Coming together in times like this is what helps us move forward,” Mecklenburg Ministries Executive Director Danny Trapp said.

    And they were joined by other local leaders, including two men who will help choose the next mayor Monday.

    “This begins our healing and I really enjoyed this evening,” Council member Al Austin said.

    “We’re going to need some steel,” Council member John Autry said.

    Religious leaders talked about having gratitude in tough times. And right now it’s certainly a tough time for city leaders.

    “I don’t know of any consensus at this point, but I hope we can have one by 6 tomorrow night,” Autry said of choosing the next mayor.

    What we do know is that residents won’t be able to elect their next mayor.

    At the city council meeting last Monday, the city attorney said the rules dictate that the new mayor will be appointed by the city council and he or she will have to be another Democrat. People Channel 9 spoke with around Charlotte Sunday wish they had a choice.

    “I think that everybody should have their own vote and opinion about what's going on in Charlotte,” Jackie Harris said.

    “How do we know he's not going to do the same thing the last mayor just done?” Roger Degre said.

    But council members say they’re just following the law.

    “This is a terrible thing to put on the people of this city, but we’re going to get through it,” Autry said. “And when we do, we’ll be better for having gone through it.”

    Of course, Channel 9 will be at the meeting Monday and will let you know who city council members choose the moment it happens.

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    Service held Sunday night to promote community healing