• Severe health problems linked to vaping reported in North Carolina


    NORTH CAROLINA - Severe health problems linked to vaping have now been reported in North Carolina.

    The state said three people developed lung disease in just the last few weeks. 

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    Their symptoms were like pneumonia. All three said they vaped before getting sick.

    The state health director did not say where this happened, but is warning people to avoid vaping. 

    Channel 9 reported last week nearly two dozen teens in the Midwest went to the hospital with breathing problems. Doctors blamed vaping in those cases.

    But, vaping companies insist their products are safer than cigarettes and they are not for kids. 

    Local school districts are trying to prevent teens from vaping. 

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    Earlier this year, researchers saw an 894 percent jump in teens vaping in North Carolina.

    Some products are so discreet, there have been reports of kids using them in class. 

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