• Robber shot after victim wrestles for gun, police say

    By: Torie Wells


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A robbery suspect was shot after the victim fought back in an incident on Wednesday night, police said.

    The victim didn't want to show his face but did show Eyewitness News his wounds and, through a translator, said a man pulled a gun on him and his son, demanding money. He said instinct kicked in and he reached for the weapon.

    "He had his hand and the guy was shooting," the translator said.

    The victim was grazed by a bullet. He said there was a second suspect who was on top of his son and he was afraid the bullets would hit him, so he kept wrestling with the gunman, who he said ended up shooting himself.

    "When (the suspect) shot himself, he let the gun down and (the victim) grabbed the gun," the translator said.

    In the meantime, the victim said the other suspect took off, but not before he tried to hit them with his car. He said luckily, a tree got in the way.

    Neighbor Benito Becettil heard the shots and saw the struggle. With the help of a translator, he told Eyewitness News that he called police.

    "He heard, ‘Somebody shot me, somebody shot me,’” the translator said.

    Then, Becettil said, he realized his neighbor had been shot in the hand while fighting off a would-be robber. He said it's too bad anyone was hurt, but he is glad his neighbor was brave enough to fight back to protect his family.

    "The victim came out on top this time and usually, it doesn’t happen like that," the translator said.

    The victim said this was the second time someone's pulled a gun and tried to rob him. And to him, the guns looked the same.

    Police said the suspect was rushed to the hospital for surgery.  He hasn't been charged yet, so police haven't released his name.


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