Shots fired into home while family sleeps

Shots fired into home while family sleeps

Charlotte, NC — A Charlotte woman said she was afraid for her life and gunfire erupted outside her home.

Bendetta Brown said the bullet sounded more like a bomb exploding through her house.

Around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, Brown, her daughter and elderly mother were all asleep when gunshots were fired behind her north Charlotte home.

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Brown said one of the bullets tore through her bedroom wall just inches away from her bed.

"One, two, three and that fourth shot I heard something shatter I said oh my God sounds like they hit the window the house or something," said Brown.

Brown said she quickly dropped to the floor and dialed 911. She didn't get up until police arrived.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department detectives spent hours questioning Brown's neighbors, but on Tuesday, Christmas Eve, Brown is rattled, but said she knows it could have been worse.

She is thankful her family is in one piece.