• Shutdown means no paychecks for gov't workers in Carolinas


    WASHINGTON - The government shutdown means no paychecks for thousands of government workers in the Carolinas.

    But the people behind the shutdown, members of Congress, are still getting paid.

    WSOC-TV's Washington Bureau asked lawmakers representing the Charlotte area if they would surrender their pay while thousands of federal workers are going without paychecks.

    South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney said he will give up his paycheck if his staffers end up taking home less pay.

    "It looks bad, second of all it is bad," Mulvaney said. "We shouldn't get paid if the people who work for us aren't getting paid."

    Ninth District Rep. Robert Pittenger already donated his congressional salary to charity.

    The office of Fifth District Rep. Virginia Foxx said she will not get paid during the shutdown.

    Other local offices didn't answer Channel 9.

    North and South Carolina Senate offices were closed due to the shutdown.

    Here are the full responses from some of the representatives:

    Rep. Robert Pittenger:
    "Congressman Pittenger donates his Congressional salary to charity. This decision was made prior to taking office, and has been carried out quietly and consistently. He also donates the pension he receives as a former State Senator to charity, and has announced he will exit the Congressional Health Plan and decline the special Obamacare subsidy, purchasing his own insurance on the open market. Essentially, he is volunteering his time to serve the American people."

    Rep. Richard Hudson:
    "We have furloughed over half our staff. Right now Congressman Hudson is in Washington working so that the American people have a government that is open to serve them, and so that they get the same exemption from Obamacare that big business does. The Congressman has a full calendar this week and will continue to work tirelessly for his constituents."

    Rep. Virginia Foxx:
    "Congresswoman Foxx is focused on reopening the federal government and will not be paid until that job is done and the shutdown is resolved."

    Sen. Kay Hagan:
    "Senator Hagan will be donating her pay during the shutdown."

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