Single mom being evicted; landlord won't accept supplemental funding

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A local mother contacted Channel 9 after being served an eviction notice at her east Charlotte apartment complex.

Tiana Seegars said she signed the lease when the complex manager said they accepted supplemental funding.

Now, the complex owner is going back on their word.

Seegars found the eviction notice on her door when she returned home Wednesday to the Greenbryre Apartments on Spanish Quarter Circle.

She was homeless for two years and lived at a crisis assistance shelter with her 4-year-old daughter before Community Link helped her find an apartment in east Charlotte.

"I told (my daughter), I said, 'Baby, we might have to go back to the shelter,' and she said, ‘Mommy, I don't want to go back to that shelter,’ and that broke my heart."

Community Link, a local group that helps struggling families get into affordable housing, agreed to pay her rent for three months.

But now, she said unless she pays out of pocket, she's being forced to move out.

"Can you imagine how happy I was to finally have keys to a home? It means the world to me and these people are taking it away from me,” Seegars said. "Not one time did this property manager say, ‘No we don't take Community Link' or 'No we don't take subsidy.'"

Seegars showed Channel 9 the document signed less than a month ago with her signature, Community Links, and the property manager agreeing to the terms.

A spokesperson with Community Link told Channel 9 the number of people facing a similar issue is growing every day.

"We run across that quite often,” Floyd Davis, Community Link President and CEO, said. "We're disappointed, obviously, because we stepped in and wanted to help in this situation, but the landlord has to be willing.”

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