Small business owner says SBA call flagged as potential spam

Small business owner says SBA call flagged as potential spam

CHARLOTTE — True Heating and Air owner LaVonda Stacey told Action 9's Jason Stoogenke she applied for a PPP loan.

"What we wanted to do was to make sure that our employees were taken care of," she said.

She got a call, and her caller ID flagged it as potential spam, so she ignored it the first time.

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“And something just told me that, I don’t know, just pure intuition said, ‘Call the number back,’” she said. “And lo and behold, it was the [Small Business Administration.]”

She said the SBA was calling about her loan, and she had to wait about an hour to find out why.

"They needed more information," she said.

Stacey said it was possible scammers had been spoofing the SBA’s number, but the same number called again as potential spam. She told Stoogenke she answered the call.

“It was, in fact, the SBA,” she said. “Miss one of those phone calls, you’re going to miss out on the financial assistance that you need to keep your business going.”

Stoogenke told Verizon and the company told him: “Verizon is committed to helping consumers and calling parties navigate the robocalling landscape. We use a robust mix of network analytics, registry information and crowd-sourced feedback to score calls in real-time. If a business or organization believes we have incorrectly tagged or marked their phone number as spam, they should report to us at: We manually review those submissions and make adjustments if and as necessary.”

Stoogenke told the SBA about what happened and sent the agency the link to let Verizon know so the mistake doesn’t happen to others.

Spam filters are helpful, but it doesn’t hurt to still check what the number is and see if that’s someone you want to talk to, Stoogenke said.

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