As temps rise across the Carolinas, so too do snake sightings

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Local wildlife specialists said they have already caught hundreds of snakes throughout the Charlotte area this year.

[IMAGES: Snake sightings in the area]

Black snakes, brown snakes, banded water snakes and copperheads have already been spotted in Kannapolis, Lake Norman, Charlotte and Matthews.

“I just hope and pray,” said Michael Burt, a wildlife specialist with A All Animal Control. “I’ve come across a lot of things in my time and it has definitely been good so far.”

Burt said he typically receives up to 15 calls a day to remove snakes from parks, yards, homes and even showers.

(PHOTO: A All Animal Control)

Burt said the mild winter and nice conditions have resulted in snakes coming out earlier this year and sightings are projected to increase.

“The south is blessed,” Burt said. “It’s a beautiful habitat, the weather is great, but nature thrives.”

Burt said there has be an uptick of banded water snakes in Marvin and Waxhaw. He’s also seen an increase in copperheads in Matthews.

“There are some things we have to live with,” Burt said. “But there are ways to live with these guys and not be bothered by them.”

Channel 9 has reported extensively on snake bites in the past.

Last year a Mooresville boy was bit by a venomous snake while digging for worms. Also, a man was bit by a copperhead in a Denver Lowe's.

Wildlife experts recommend people who see snake to call an expert to properly remove it.

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