• Social media gives everyone access to the DNC

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - People are flooding social media websites like Twitter and Facebook with talk of the Democratic National Convention before the convention officially starts Tuesday.

    "Because the conventions are occurring, we're seeing this huge spike in activity. People who just want to talk to each other, want the chatter,” said Desiree Kane, co-founder of The PPL, a group of independent journalists covering the DNC.

    Kane said the speed of social media gives everyone instant access to all types of events.

    Eyewitness News wanted to know just how much the DNC is being talked about online. A company called BuzzMgr tracks social media trends.

    BuzzMgr searched for “DNC2012” on Twitter, and found 45,534 mentions in the past 24 hours.

    Kane said the use of social media during the convention shows people are engaged in the political process.

    "They want to participate in conversations that are issue-based, instead of surrounding the pomp and circumstance of the actual conventions,” Kane said.

    Visitors are starting to use a grassroots Twitter movement to get answers about the Queen City.

    Locals set up the hashtag #cltfaq to help people from out of town.

    Delegates and media members from out of town have already used it to ask about yoga studios, restaurants and alteration stores.

    In each case, people who live in Charlotte gave their recommendations.

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