• Some Uber drivers cry foul over new pricing policy


    Some Uber drivers are upset with the ride-sharing company's new pricing policy.

    They think it will shortchange them during busy times, like this weekend's ACC championship game in uptown Charlotte.

    Uber calls busy times “surge" periods. Officials sent drivers an email about the new policy, telling them "improved surge puts you in control." 

    But some drivers, like Asia Rhodes, aren't so sure.

    Rhodes looked forward to surge periods when rates go up and she could really cash in. 

    Then Uber's policy changed.

    She said the company still charges passengers, what's called “a multiplier during surge periods” (like double the normal price), but only pays drivers a flat rate.

    "Angry, to be honest," Rhodes said. "I mean, how would you feel if you drove somebody and Uber is making about $50 more than you're making?"  

    Rhodes provided Action 9 with an example.

    She said she recently drove someone from Bank of America Stadium to Belmont during surge.

    Before the new policy, "I would have easily walked out with $55 or $60, but now, I made 20 bucks," Rhodes said.

    She's not the only one crying foul.

    A blog article says, "Uber has established a pattern" of making changes that help Uber "while holding driver earnings to the same low levels." 

    It even cites a Charlotte example, other than Rhodes. 

    Someone left a comment, saying, "Uber is just finding new ways to pocket even more of our money."

    Passengers are also worried, afraid this may scare off drivers.

    "If they start cutting their pay, they'll drive less during the busy times," Dirk Dockins said.

    While it doesn't appear customers will pay more during surge periods, Dockins and his wife, Michelle, wish more of the tab went to the person behind the wheel.

    "We are testing changes to surge that are designed to make the experience more stable, simple and attainable for drivers. This test is part of our broader effort to improve the earnings experience," an Uber spokesperson said.

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