Some who filed taxes early are still waiting for refund

Some who filed taxes early are still waiting for refund

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Shea Bolin told Action 9′s Jason Stoogenke that she and her husband filed their taxes in February.

She said the IRS had a question about their taxes and everything seemed fine last month.

Bolin said they still haven't gotten a refund.

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“You just wake up, put a smile on and hope for the best, day after day, hope we get something, hope we hear something, but we never know,” she said.

The IRS said it cut back on some services because of the pandemic, and it’s been busy sending out 140 million stimulus payments.

The IRS said, for the most part, if you filed electronically, you should get your refund in fewer than 21 days.

However, the agency is not currently processing paper returns, so you may have to wait until the middle of next month for your refund at the earliest.

A Virginia congresswoman sent the IRS a letter urging the agency to do more, for example, to make it easier to contact the IRS by phone and to ask Congress for emergency money if necessary.

“Everything happens back to back, and it seems like, when you need it the most, you can’t get it,” Bolin said.

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