• Source: Broadwell not likely to face any charges


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Former CIA Director David Petraeus will take the stand in front of the House Intelligence Committee on Friday.

    Meanwhile, sources told CNN his suspected mistress, Paula Broadwell, is not likely to face charges for obtaining classified information.

    Channel 9 learned that Petraeus is not following reports about this investigation or his resignation.

    Retired Col. Peter Mansoor said Petraeus wants to focus on his family, and that he realizes what he did was “morally reprehensible.”

    He maintains he did nothing illegal.

    As for Broadwell, a senior law enforcement official told CNN that she may not face any charges.  That source said the information pulled from her Dilworth home Monday doesn’t appear to be substantial, but that the Justice Department will decide whether or not to prosecute.

    Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is now commenting on the investigation.  He told reporters in Bangkok that he doesn’t know of any other senior U.S. military officers involved in this investigation.

    He wouldn’t comment much more, and said he wants to make sure he doesn’t jeopardize an investigation he ordered earlier this week.

    A lawyer for Frederick W. Humphries II, the FBI agent who began the investigation that forced Petraeus to resign, was long-time friends with Jill Kelley.

    Kelley is the Tampa woman who said she received threatening emails from Broadwell. 

    Humphries lawyer said the shirtless photos he sent Kelley were a joke.

    He said Humphries took his shirt off to pose behind two dummies on a shooting range and send the photo before this investigation.

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    Source: Broadwell not likely to face any charges