South Charlotte residents spooked after seeing man filming homes

South Charlotte residents spooked after seeing man filming homes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A homeowner became suspicious after a surveillance camera captured someone recording video of his home Monday afternoon on West Park Avenue in Wilmore in south Charlotte.

The homeowner learned other residents nearby have seen something similar.

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Johnnie Mae, who has lived on Kingston Avenue for 30 years, has recently seen someone filming her home.

"Regular camera, phone camera, just taking pictures," Mae said.

She got a letter in the mail saying Charlotte Water will be blasting on her street to install pipes under the surface.

It turns to the man who was videotaping homes was hired by a subcontractor to document existing problems.

"They took pictures in case you had cracks in your wall, cracks on the outside of your house," Mae said.

The blasting is for a $7 million wastewater project underway now on Kingston Avenue and Charlotte Water said blasting is used in many of its wastewater projects.

Pipes have to be at a certain depth and rocks can get in the way. Residents within 500 feet of the project were notified that the work was happening and that they may feel or hear the blasts. Afterward, everything will be documented again.

The project is expected to wrap up by the end of the year