Troopers: Speed, ice on roadway caused serious 3-car crash on I-485 in NW Charlotte

A three-car crash on an icy stretch of I-485 snarled traffic for hours during the morning rush in northwest Charlotte on Wednesday morning.

The crash happened just after 7 a.m. near Oakdale Road.

Officials said the driver was speeding along I-485 near Oakdale Road when he hit a patch of ice and hit two other vehicles, a box truck and a pickup truck.

When the car finally came to a stop, it was in the median of the interstate. One of the cables dividing the median snapped, but the other two held firm, keeping the car from running into oncoming traffic.

MEDIC responded to the crash, saying one person was transported with life-threatening injuries.

Two others were transported to the hospital, but there is no word on their condition.

Troopers said the driver who hit the patch of black ice will be charged because he was speeding.

Troopers told Eyewitness News Reporter Mark Barber it is incredible the man who was driving the car was not killed in the crash.

"Wearing his seatbelt helped save his life, along with the other three drivers who were involved," Trooper Ray Pierce said.

Pierce said this crash is a reminder to drivers to take it slow on the roadways, particularly as the snow around the state melts and temperatures drop below freezing overnight, bringing the threat for black ice.

"Please, everybody take it slow. This thing is awful," driver David Cochran said.

"It's still freezing, below freezing in the mornings and as you can see, there is still ice everywhere," driver Scott Griffin said.

Troopers told Channel 9 they have worked three to four times as many crashes than normal in the Charlotte area over the past three days and they worry more will happen overnight.

"Even though these roadways seem clear, a lot of this will melt again and refreeze again tonight," Pierce said.

Drivers who are already weary of winter are hoping this is the last time in a long time they will see icy interstates in Charlotte.

"Hopefully this stuff, this mess will be gone soon," Cochran said.

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