StarMed hopes to expand vaccination clinics abroad

CHARLOTTE — StarMed has given thousands of vaccines in the Charlotte area and is making sure they are administered fairly.

They have numerous clinics in west Charlotte and will soon expand operations, taking the vaccines abroad.

During Gov. Roy Cooper’s visit Thursday to a west Charlotte health care facility, StarMed CEO Dr. Michael Estramonte revealed there are talks underway to hold clinics in foreign countries.

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Estramonte said StarMed is speaking with governments in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo to operate mass vaccine clinics.

Vaccine doses are desperately needed there.

It wasn’t until last month that Haiti authorized the use of the AstraZeneca shots.

About 23,000 people in Congo have received at least one shot.

Helping administer the vaccine in these countries is a noble cause, and Estramonte said efforts go back to StarMed’s mission of creating five-star locations in areas that are historically marginalized.

“We want to distribute this to the world,” Estramonte said. “Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo are, obviously, two areas that have low-vaccine rates right now. Getting in there and vaccinating the highest risk people over 70 would be fantastic.”