Statesville man, 25, killed in Orlando attack

STATESVILLE, N.C. — Family members have confirmed to Channel 9 that a 25-year-old Statesville man was one of the people killed in the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Not only did Tevin Crosby graduate from West Iredell High School but he was in Statesville just hours before flying to Orlando where the shooting happened early Sunday.

At Tevin Crosby's parents’ home in Statesville, cars filled the driveway Monday afternoon as word spread that he was one of the 49 people gunned down in the worst mass shooting in U.S. history.

"He was very sweet," his aunt Bobby Crosby said. "He got along with everybody."
His aunt said the family is still in shock a day after the gunman opened fire inside the Orlando club. 
His brother said he had flown home to visit him after he got back from college on Thursday and flew to Orlando Saturday.

"You all just pray for us," his aunt said. "Just like we pray for other families that have had tragedies. You all just pray for us."
His parents left for Florida on Sunday after learning the news.  
Many of his neighbors only found out Monday that Crosby was one of the dozens of victims in horrific shooting.  
Their thoughts are with his family as they struggle to comprehend what happened. 

"For something like that to happen, I can't explain it," neighbor Leonard Femster said. "I don't know what to say."

Crosby is the second victim from the Charlotte area that was killed in the Orlando mass shooting.

The other Charlotte-area victim was 33-year-old Shane Tomlinson who graduated from Northwest Cabarrus High School.

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