Statesville mother says good Samaritans saved unconscious son's life

STATESVILLE, N.C. — A local mother wants to thank the people who helped her and her son through a terrifying ordeal last weekend.

On Sunday morning, Cristina Baez, of Statesville, was taking her sick son, Josiah, to an urgent care center. While driving, she said the 15-month-old lost consciousness. Her 9-year-old daughter noticed the boy in the backseat of their car, his eyes rolled back.

"It was the worse feeling ever, you know, just to see my child laying there. It was horrible," Baez said.

Eventually, he stopped breathing.

"I pulled him out of the car,” Baez said. “I was on the phone with 911. He was turning blue. He wasn't breathing, he wasn't responsive."

Baez said she pulled over on East Broad Street and a couple stopped to help.

"This car just come out of nowhere and a couple got out of the car," Baez said.

A woman performed CPR on her son, who then began to breathe again.

[LINK: Sign up for CPR classes]

Nearby resident Dr. Bobby Kearny came out of his house to help.

"Good Samaritans that came and stopped to take their time in a busy road to attend somebody in need. That was amazing," Kearney said.

Baez was able to get her son to the hospital and said the good Samaritans saved his life. She reached out to Channel 9 because she wants the couple to know how grateful she is.

"He's our baby,” Baez said. “He completes the family, you know, it wouldn't be the same without him."

Josiah is doing much better and should be fully recovered in a few weeks.

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