Statesville planning board approves flag size change for RV business

Statesville planning board approves flag size change for RV business

STATESVILLE, N.C. — Statesville's Planning Board approved a recommendation Monday to allow Gander RV to legally fly its American flag.

According to Channel 9 news partner The Statesville Record & Landmark, the planning board voted 5-0 to approve the code change to allow for Gander's 40-by-80 foot flag.

The CEO of Gander's parent company Camping World, Marcus Lemonis, had kept flying the flag despite Statesville announcing earlier this year it intended to fine the company for each day it flew the flag in violation of city code.

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The city would later back down.


The Record & Landmark reported that despite the unanimous vote, some members of the planning board were not happy with how the situation played out.

Board member Todd Lange said Gander's flying of the flag was as much about advertising as it was patriotism.

<p>Marcus Lemonis</p>

Marcus Lemonis

(Marcus Lemonis)

Lemonis has denied those charges.

The CEO also said in a visit to the Gander RV location late last month, that he was not interested in the city's compromise to change the code. He said he wants any business or individual to be free to fly any size flag.

The board did place stipulations on the decision, saying the business needs to follow federal guidelines for the care and management of the flag. It also added engineering requirements for the flag pole.