• STEVE'S COATS FOR KIDS: The aftermath from donations


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Donations are still coming in days after Channel 9’s collection of coats for Steve's Coats for Kids ended.

    After the coats are donated, they are distributed to those in need.

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    Angela Sutton and Donna Chappell went through some' of the donations ayNord Gear in southwest Charlotte, which led to a collection among their co-workers.

    “I think it's very important to help out others. That could one day very well be me,” Sutton said.

    “Coats can get expensive, especially (for) kids,” Chappell said. “They can grow out of a coat in a year.”

    Nord Gear is a customer of Cintas, which handles uniforms for businesses all over Charlotte.

    For three years now, Cintas has picked up coats from Channel 9’s donation sites.

    “Our partners here are always eager to participate,” said Chris Berg, Cintas plant manager. “They're always asking when it's going to start up again the following year. So, for us, it's just a win-win all the way around.”'

    Every coat that comes into Steve's Coats for Kids passes through Cintas.

    Nord Gard inspects all of the coats and, if necessary, cleans or mends them.

    “They're able to then turn those coats around quickly if they are new and ready to go; if not, they bring them back here where we can launder them, inspect them, repair if needed,” Berg said.

    When a coat leaves Cintas, even if it's not brand new, it looks as good as new.

    Crisis Assistance Ministry has been busy distributing the coats.

    Thousands of kids are already warmer because of the coats distribution.

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