Study shows drastic increase in ER visits due to e-scooter injuries

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Electric scooters are everywhere uptown and in neighborhoods like NoDa and Plaza Midwood. Doctors in another city are showing a drastic increase in visits to the emergency rooms due to e-scooter injuries.

Researchers found head injuries made up 40 percent of ER visits they studies related to e-scooters.

Doctors at UCLA looked at 250 people treated at two Los Angeles-area hospitals and found most e-scooter injuries were to the head. Of the injuries, 32 percent were broken bones. The rest were cuts, sprains and bruises, and most of the injuries were falls.

Only 4 percent of those injured were wearing helmets.

The study is the first of its kind to analyze injuries caused by e-scooters.

E-scooter company Lime issued a statement saying safety is its priority.

The company launched a new scooter with what it calls “enhanced safety features”, $1 million in liability insurance and a new campaign called “respect the ride” to educate riders about safe, responsible riding.

Channel 9 has been reporting on issues with e-scooters here since they launched last May.

Earlier this month, city council approved new scooter rules. These rules include banning two people from riding one scooter, banning them on sidewalks on College, Stonewall, 7th and Church Streets in uptown and capping the speed limit at 15 miles per hour.