• Newton police: Maggie Daniels died of strangulation

    By: Jenna Deery


    NEWTON, N.C. - Newton police held a press conference Monday afternoon to release more details in the Maggie Daniels murder case.

    Daniels was found dead inside her apartment on June 28.

    During the press conference, Newton police said Daniels died from strangulation.

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    The man arrested in connection to the murder of the Newton school counselor faced a judge Monday morning.

    After Sharman Odom's court appearance, his mother tried to knock the microphones out of the hands of a Channel 9 reporter and assaulted two photographers.

    The Channel 9 reporter and photographer were not injured, but another photographer received a cut on his face. Newton police said Odom’s mother, Darlene Odom, faces three assault charges. Her court date was set for Sept. 10.     

    Odom was arrested this weekend in connection with Daniels' homicide. Police said the two lived in the same apartment complex.

    Odom’s family stormed out of the courthouse seconds after a judge told him he could face life in prison or even the death penalty if convicted.


    Odom’s mother was so mad she tried to knock the microphone out of reporter Sarah Rosario’s hand when she asked her a question. She then pushed a Channel 9 photographer’s camera and another reporter’s camera.

    “Do you have anything to say about the charges against Odom?” Rosario asked.

    “Get out of my face,” she said as she attacked the camera.

    Warrants unsealed

    Newton police unsealed three search warrants Monday that shed light on the case.

    The warrants state that during the initial investigation they discovered several items were damaged or askew suggesting a struggle took place.

    Odom was interviewed on July 3 where police noticed a patch of hair missing from his forehead, the warrant states.

    Police searched Odom’s residence on July 26 where they found cellphones that belonged to him. Police downloaded the contents, photos and files from an iPhone 5.

    The warrant also states police found a section of hair inside a shoe box in a closet.

    On Aug. 1, detectives examined the contents of the iPhone and found three photographs that showed Odom with scratches on his face. The scratches appeared pink suggesting they were new, the warrant states.
    Inside the courtroom

    Odom stood before a judge in handcuffs and his black and white jump suit.

    RAW: Sharman Odom walks with police after arrest

    With his court appointed attorney by his side, Odom answered “yes” when the judge asked him if he was aware of the murder charges against him. For now, he will stay in jail without bond until his next court date.

    When asked about Odom’s mindset, his attorney said he seemed confused.

    “He certainly was fearful and a little confused about some things,” said Odom’s attorney, Victoria Jayne.

    Channel 9 obtained a copy of Odom's arrest warrant. In it police said he willingly killed Maggie Daniels, but there are still many questions left unanswered.


    Detectives said both interviews and evidence found in Odom's apartment were enough to arrest him, but they haven't said what that evidence is. Channel 9 learned Odom lived in the same apartment complex as Daniels.

    Court records show previous arrests for Odom

    While Sharman Odom is sitting behind bars accused of strangling a Newton teacher, Channel 9 went through police records and found Odom has been accused of violent behavior against women in the past.
    One woman who calls herself one of his victims told Channel 9 she's fortunate to be alive and knowing he's behind bars allows her to tell her story.
    She's one of three accusers we found with assault cases tied to Odom.
    "I was scared for my life for a while because I didn't know whether he was looking for me because I sent him to jail," she said. 
    She said she and Odom had a sexual relationship and he sometimes would pay her for sex but she said one meet-up at a Knights Inn on Nations Ford Road started with him choking her until she became unconscious.
    "He didn't say nothing. He just continued choking me tighter and stronger," she said. "My face was bloody. My shorts were gone."
    She told police Odom raped her after assaulting her. He was arrested but prosecutors never charged him, citing insufficient evidence. According to court records, prosecutors said her credibility and Odom's credibility were questionable.
    "I thought that they were going to lock him up for a long time," she said. "I'm blessed to be here standing here today."
    She admitted she didn't go to court for the charges she pressed against Odom, leading to the dismissal.
    The two other cases were dismissed as well.


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