Suspect uses museum ATM card to gamble at casinos, police say

GASTONIA, N.C. — Since the Loray Mill museum in Gastonia opened two years ago, the museum’s bank account has registered multiple personal transactions, with some used for gambling at casinos. According to police reports, someone close to the operation spent $35,341 using the ATM card.

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Anthony Gallant has been a sponsor since its doors opened and was informed of the police investigation into the missing money.

Gallant said it is time to double down, because the museum is needed more than ever.

The board of directors sent messages to supporters to tell them museum is financially sound, and that they are working with police.

Tabernacle Church has donated money and historical items.

The church’s pastor, Ben Hinton, said they will continue to support the museum, as long as the museum adds safeguards to prevent such an event from happening again.

Board members said they have done that, but they won’t talk about their efforts or the case until the investigation is complete.

Police haven’t yet named a suspect in this case.

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