15-year-old charged with carjacking woman outside Northlake Target

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say they have arrested a 15-year-old for carjacking a woman outside a north Charlotte Target Saturday night.

It happened at the Target off Northlake Center Parkway, near Northlake Mall.

Police said the woman was in the parking lot when she was approached by the teen, who was armed with a gun. The suspect forced her from her car, then stole it.

According to authorities, the woman did not see the suspect.

One mother told Channel 9 she is at the Target all the time and hearing about this is scary.

"Wow, that's crazy. I think as a mom, I come here all the time, and so that information is scary," the mother said.

When Channel 9 shared what happened with Ginger Fields, who said she works inside the Target, she said she always felt safe.

"It's unusual. This is usually a very nice part of town," Fields said. "Security is usually really high. Target has some of the best security. They're always watching the parking lot."

Shoppers said it is a family-friendly area too, which makes it all the more frightening.

"I think being in this area, close to Huntersville, a lot of moms are here you can see it's Monday," one mother said. "It's busy all the time so I think that that's alarming for anyone."

Channel 9 asked police for more information about the suspect, but they could not release anything else because of his age.