Teen accused of selling drugs from upscale Ballantyne hotel

Teen accused of selling drugs from upscale south Charlotte hotel

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A suspect who has been on the authorities’ radar for a while thought Room 303 at The Ballantyne, an upscale hotel, was a good place to sell drugs and he advertised it on social media, according to investigators.

Michael Tabbit Jr., 18, invited his clients to the hotel room in south Charlotte Saturday, police said.

Tabbit was arrested after reportedly throwing large amounts of marijuana and a gun off a second-story balcony.

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On Nov. 2, Tabbit claimed to be a burglary victim at a home on Cedar Ridge Drive.

He said someone stole thousands of dollars in shoes and cash.

He was accused of a sexual assault on Nov. 26.

A woman said she lost her memory after going to a hotel to connect with someone named “Mike T,” whom she had met online.

Tabbit was staying at the same hotel.

Hours before Saturday’s party, police went through the trash at Tabbit's home and found vacuum sealed bags with traces of marijuana inside.

<p>Michael Tabbit</p>

Michael Tabbit

Ballantyne Hotel employees investigating a noise complaint saw Tabbit and what appeared to be drugs in Room 303.

Police said he fled and left $17,000 in cash, drugs in vials, syringes, crushed pills and a gun.

Tabbit also left his driver’s permit and ID beside the evidence, police said.

Tabbit has not yet been charged for the latest crime.

A spokesperson for the hotel said it does not share information about hotel guests, but “the safety and well-being of our associates and guests are among our highest priorities.”

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