• Teen arrested after threatening police on Twitter


    LINCOLNTON, N.C. - Deputies in Lincoln County have arrested a teenager and charged him with three counts of cyber stalking after he threatened police officers on Twitter.

    Police received a tip on Feb. 4 about tweets that 19-year-old Marcus Sintoni had posted to the social media site.

    The profanity laced tweets posted on Jan. 28, Feb. 2 and Feb. 4.

    In the first tweet Sintoni wrote, "I'll kill as many as I can if they catch us or run and kill as many as we can before we get away, lol."

    The second tweet included, "I hate police and I wanna kill police."

    In the third tweet Sintoni allegedly wrote, "I hate police…I know u reading too, so come at me, I'm ready, yo to all police, **** you I wanna kill you. I'll show my word."

    Police think Sintoni’s anger stems from a traffic stop on Highway 16 where he was one of five people in the car. Two people in the vehicle were charged but Sintoni was not, police said.

    A Lincoln County sergeant met with the District Attorney's office on Feb. 25 and was able to secure warrants for cyber stalking.

    Sintoni was arrested by ALE officers in Charlotte on Feb. 27 and turned over to Lincoln Co. on Wednesday.

    He is in jail under a $7,500 secured bond, which authorities said was high for misdemeanor charges, but reflects the seriousness with which the sheriff's office treats the threats.

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