• Teenagers in band play to raise money to help vets with PTSD

    By: Blaine Tolison


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Area teenagers are on a mission to share their music and help local veterans, and they’re playing at a popular South End restaurant to do both.

    The CJ and Brother Max Band play music from before they were born, and they do it as well as any band of adults.

    The brothers also have big hearts. They play for money, but all their proceeds pay for service dogs for veterans.

    The band was started by CJ (Rhythm/Lead Guitar/Bass) and Brother Max (Lead Guitar/Lead Vocals) in 2013. Briggs (Drummer) joined the band in early 2014, and Aidan (Bass/Guitar/Vocals) joined us in 2015. 

    “That’s the most important thing that we do in this band, is helping veterans,” CJ Teas, who plays guitar, said.

    The teenagers work with Patriot Military Family Foundation. Organizers said it can cost about $4,500 to find the right dog and train it for a military veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Twenty percent of Iraq veterans suffer from PTSD, according to the Veterans Administration. PTSD can lead to flashbacks or nightmares from painful war memories.

    "The change it makes in their lives is extraordinary. The dogs, they're amazing things. They can wake a veteran up when they're having nightmares from their post-traumatic stress injuries,” Teas said.

    Their big show Monday night at Mac’s Speed Shop in Charlotte aimed to raise part of the cash needed to make it happen. They have played at the restaurant before, but they will have a Fourth of July crowd to help raise money.

    "When you're playing on stage to help out the veterans, you're really kind of motivated to do your very best,” bass player Aidan Nolan said.

    "Most of the time, they're like, jaw is dropped,” Max Teas, also on guitar, said.

    In one year, the band raised enough money for one dog. This year they hope to hit their goal by October.

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