'We don't need that drama': Teens shooting into homes to solve disputes

Teens shoot into homes to solve disputes, CMPD says

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said more and more teenagers are shooting into homes to solve disputes, and neighbors are frustrated about their senseless actions.

North Tryon Division officers said they have a good idea who the juveniles are, but adults they know have been protecting them from any punishment.

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"I heard three gunshots and then somebody speeding down the street," resident Lonnetta Rogers said.

Rogers lives on Camrose Drive, which is one of the streets that has been plagued by drive-by shootings.

Springview Road and Hunslet Circle share the same problem.

"I was laying down halfway sleep, and I just heard some shots, sounded like firecrackers," resident Jimmy Ross said.

The kids involved in the fights are about 14 years old, police said.

"It was a bunch of kids, and this neighborhood is a quiet neighborhood,” Rogers said. “We don't bother nobody. We mind our own business, and we don't need that drama over here."

Police said they think the groups of teens started arguing with each other last month over something mundane and not worth taking someone’s life.

"Back in my day, we'd go duke it out in the street, and we'd be done with it," Rogers said.

Police also think the teens have been involved in a strong-armed robbery and have stolen a car.

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