• Tensions rise at trial of coach accused of child molestation

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - There were tense moments in the courtroom Tuesday when the judge warned an accused child molester three times to stop arguing with prosecutors.
    Former wrestling coach Gary Scott Goins became very defensive during cross-examination.
    Tuesday was the first chance prosecutors had to question Goins, but getting answers wasn't easy.

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    Goins often directed his anger at District Attorney Locke Bell who made the call to charge Goins with allegedly forcing three high school wrestlers to have sex with him.
    The DA questioned him about forgetting encounters with wrestlers.
    "Your memory is selective to your benefit," Bell said.

    "Oh, most definitely yours is," Goins said.
    The questioning became so confrontational the judge repeatedly stepped in.

    "Excuse me sir,” the judge said to Goins. “Please let the attorney finish the question.”
    Bell read statements from earlier witnesses who said the coach used sexually oriented hazing to intimidate the wrestlers.
    There was more frustration as Goins answered questions about claims that he choked teenage wrestlers until they passed out.
    "It puts fear in their souls,” Bell said.

    Goins said, “How do you know what's in their souls?"

    The judge intervened and said, "Hold on one minute sir."
    The prosecution still hasn't asked detailed questions about the most serious allegations of sexual misconduct.
    Goins will be back on the stand Wednesday morning.

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    Tensions rise at trial of coach accused of child molestation