‘This is a life and death situation’: Teachers concerned about returning to classroom

This is a life and death situation: Teachers concerned about returning to classroom

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — There are many questions and concerns as schools start to reopen.

While some parents are concerned about sending their kids back into the classroom, many teachers feel the same way.

Veteran CMS math educator Amanda Thompson said the thought of going back into a classroom during the COVID-19 pandemic has her worried -- and she isn’t alone.

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Thompson said her colleagues are now turning to help to deal with the stress.

“I have definitely heard of teachers getting mental health counseling. Heard teachers saying, ‘Can I quit my job because I just can’t do it,‘” she said.

>>In the video at the top of the page, Channel 9′s Damany Lewis talks to Thompson and a mental health expert about how some are dealing with the unknowns that come with teaching during a pandemic.