• Thousands still without power across Charlotte area after weekend storms


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - The possibility of storms Monday could slow efforts to get power back on for thousands in our area, but Duke Energy estimates all power should be restored by 11 p.m. Monday.

    The weekend storms left many in the dark from Gaston County to Cabarrus County.

    [FORECAST: Chance for severe weather remains as temps hit the 90s]

    In south Charlotte, many neighbors in the Sherwood Forest neighborhood along Nottingham Drive are running on generators. It’s been that way since around 4 p.m. Saturday.

    A man with a wife and toddler told Channel 9 they had just gone to the grocery store when the power shut off.

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    “Not great. We’ve got a 16-month-old. So, no AC, no power, it’s not convenient at all, so we’re actually staying at a friend’s house right now. Now, I’m here running the generator for a little bit, keeping the freezer and fridge cycled,” resident Patrick Greene said.

    Duke Energy reported 600 individual repairs, with many tucked behind homes and hidden by downed trees.

    "We had a number of trees that, I mean, big trees that just fell over into the right of way and took power lines down," Duke Energy spokeswoman Paige Layne said.

    Back in 2016, Channel 9 reported on a sophisticated system Duke Energy was using to prevent power outages.

    Duke Energy's System Health Tool collects data on areas with poor service and helps crews know where to trim trees.

    Officials said crews maintained the grid, but Saturday's storms were just too much.

    A study is also currently underway to see how many utilities in the south Charlotte area can be buried under ground to prevent them from being damaged during a storm.

    Duke Energy officials said powerlines in some areas have already been placed underground.

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