Barriers put up after thrill seekers jump collapsed bridge

CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. — Granite Falls police asked the Department of Transportation to put up barriers on the Mill Pond Bridge after video surfaced showing bikers jumping that section of the bridge that collapsed into the water.

[PAST COVERAGE: Caldwell County bridge closed for repairs collapses]

The video showed that motorcycle riders built a ramp on the closed bridge to make jumps. The motorcyclist jumped to clear an entire section of the bridge that fell in the water earlier this month.

The DOT removed the wooden jump placed on the bridge and then bolted several heavy concrete barriers in place in an effort to keep people from being hurt.

The bridge, which is nearly 70 years old, has been closed for the last seven months after three of the wooden pylons underneath broke.

The DOT implemented barriers around 12:30 p.m. Wednesday. Crews said the concrete barriers are bolted into the bridge, which makes it very difficult to move them.

(RAW VIDEO: Motorcycle riders jump across Mill Pond Bridge in Granite Falls) 

Channel 9 reporter Dave Faherty spoke to two men fishing at the spot of the jump.

"Daredevil, I guess you would call them, but I don't know if I would have done it,” said Jeff Sealey.

"It's on him. I wouldn't do it, but he seemed to have it under control,” said James Meeks.

The highway patrol hopes to find the riders, who have not been identified.

"These two gentlemen are lucky,” said TA Rathbone, of the North Carolina Highway Patrol. “If they would have miscalculated anything, they could have been hurt or killed."

The highway patrol said it's closely looking at the video of the riders. They said the people involved could be charged with operating the bikes on a closed road which is a misdemeanor.

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