• Tool manufacturer announces 50 jobs to Meck. Co.

    By: Eric Philips


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A company that makes tools will creating more than 50 jobs in Mecklenburg County.

    YG-1 America will invest $13.8 million in Charlotte during the next three years.

    The average annual salary for the new job will likely exceed $59,000 plus benefits.

    The jobs report to be released Friday is expected to show America has recovered all the jobs lost during the recession.

    But there's a caveat. Wells Fargo economist Mark Vitner said many of the new jobs are part-time, not full-time positions.

    "The quality of jobs we're adding is not as good as we'd like to see so we're not seeing a lot of income growth," Vitner said.

    Michael Horn is a father of three who said the felt the effect of that.

    "I have a bachelor’s degree, I’m working on my master's and I drive a truck," Horn said.  "The jobs for lower skills are there, the ones for people with higher degrees, they're not there right now."

    Horn spends weeks away from his wife and small children, on the road, just to make ends meet.

    So while experts said there's definitely economic improvement, the ultimate goal is for the quality of the jobs match the quantity.

    "It feels like there's a little more opportunity and hope out there," said job seeker Carolyn Watson.

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    Tool manufacturer announces 50 jobs to Meck. Co.

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