• Top cop now most notable crime victim in Kings Mountain


    KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. - Melvin Proctor is the top cop, and most notable crime victim in Kings Mountain.

    "Fraud is out there and it is everywhere," said Proctor. He said credit fraud is booming in Kings Mountain and what happened to him is a prime example.

    He used his credit card to make a purchase at a local store.

    Someone hacked that store's account and took his credit card information.

    Days later, says Proctor, "I stepped into Dollar General, went to use my card. It was denied. Run it through again with the PIN, denied," said Proctor.

    He discovered someone created a fake card with his account and went shopping on Black Friday.

    "All were New York, New Jersey, H and M Department stores, Macy's," said Proctor.

    They wiped out his bank account.

    "$2,492.35 if I remember right," said Proctor.

    In the past few weeks the city had half a dozen other people report similar thefts.

    At least four businesses learned their accounts were hacked.

    He said neighboring police departments have opened new fraud cases like his.

    He talked to fraud investigators.

    "They said our area right now is particularly being hit hard and it's not uncommon when they find where they can hack systems to typically check others in the area to see if they can hack those," said Proctor.

    He said then they will move on to other areas.

    His money is been replaced by the bank, the businesses have changed their accounts and improved security, but Proctor said the thieves are still out there.

    Proctor said you can call your card company and set up certain restrictions that will require addition security information for a purchase or at least notify you so you'll know when someone is trying to access your account.

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