• Some neighbors say they don't support possible toll lanes on Independence


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Local leaders are considering a big change to a major Charlotte road, and some people who live in the neighborhoods surrounding it are speaking out about the plan.

    On Wednesday, officials discussed the possibility of adding toll lanes to Independence Boulevard. The bus lanes could become toll lanes, but it's a plan that many neighbors Eyewitness News talked to do not support.

    If approved, cars with more than one person inside, buses and motorcycles could be in the high-occupancy toll lanes. But anyone else would have to pay to drive in those lanes.

    MUMPO voted Wednesday night to study whether the toll roads would help decrease traffic congestion on Independence.

    Eyewitness News talked to neighbors who live nearby and use the road frequently. Most said they would not use the toll lane, saying they'd take side roads before paying to drive.

    “I'm a senior citizen. Probably not -- I'll take Monroe Road,” neighbor Gisela Mayberry said.

    Transportation planners haven't said how long it will take to conduct the study.

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