• Two men in Chesterfield Co. brutally attack woman after armed robbery

    By: Stephanie Tinoco


    CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, S.C. - Two men were arrested after brutally attacking a woman near Cheraw, according to the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office.

    Deputies said they obtained cellphone video of the assault Tuesday, which led to the arrest of Daquon Harrington, 22, and Darreus Isaac.

    Deputies said the attack happened at 3:15 p.m. during an armed robbery that occurred on a path connecting a convenience store on Highway 1 to the Dizzy Gillespie apartment complex, just outside Cheraw town limits.

    (Harrington, Isaac)

    Deputies said Harrington and Isaac approached the victim and demanded she give them money. When the woman refused, Harrington punched her, knocked her to the ground and beat her with a 4-by-4-inch piece of lumber with nails in it.

    Authorities said the victim was struck in the head with the board more than 10 times, resulting in severe head trauma.

    Deputies said they are not releasing the video.

    Deputies said that while the woman was lying down in blood, Harrington jumped onto her back with both feet.

    Teresa Chapman lives in the same apartment complex as the victim and said the woman crawled to her doorstep on Inglish Road after the attack to call for medical help. She said the victim was bruised so badly, she wasn’t sure she would live.

    “It terrified me,” Chapman said. “I about had a heart attack. It scared me so bad because I didn't know what happened to her."

    Chapman said she tried to focus on keeping the victim calm until help arrived.

    "We got a pillow and put it under her head and a rag to hold it on her wounds to keep her from bleeding real bad," Chapman said.

    The victim was transported to McLeod’s Hospital in Florence for further treatment.

    Harrington and Isaac are charged with attempted murder, armed robbery and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

    Isaac's mother, 38-year-old Janice Evans, was also arrested on charges of hindering an investigation after failing to cooperate with authorities and attempting to assist Isaac in avoiding apprehension, deputies said.

    All three are being held at the Chesterfield County Detention Center.

    Deputies said the woman is in critical condition, but believe she will survive and has a long road to recovery.

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