UNCC students, staff to be randomly tested for COVID-19 as in-person classes return

UNCC students, staff to be randomly tested for COVID-19 as in-person classes return

CHARLOTTE — More than 8,000 students and staff members are back for in-person classes at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, but before anyone can set foot inside a classroom, the university requires a negative COVID-19 test.

That’s not a problem for most students who spoke to Channel 9.

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“I feel like it’s a step in the right direction,” freshman Ashleigh Washington said.

New this semester, the university will test students, staff and faculty members at random. That includes anyone who participates in face-to-face instruction or lives in the dorms, which is nearly everyone on campus.

Every Wednesday, the university will send out an email notifying students and staff they’ve been selected to take another COVID test.

Students will still have to fill out a daily symptom screener and UNCC will continue to test campus wastewater for signs of COVID-19.

The random testing is aimed at identifying people who are carrying the virus but don’t know it. That happened to freshman Ariel Yuhlhorn.

“I didn’t know that I had it. Whenever I did get COVID, I was asymptomatic,” Yuhlhorn said.

Yuhlhorn is relieved to know everyone on campus, at least for now, tested negative. But she said her fellow classmates need to be diligent about the basics, like handwashing, wearing masks and social distancing.

UNCC said it will be enforcing those safety measures.

“I think we could do a little better. I mean, we are college students trying to get that college experience,” Yuhlhorn said.

For students whose tests come back positive, the university has specific dorms designated for quarantine. The university does allow exemptions from the COVID test for religious or medical reasons.

If a test comes back positive, another test wouldn’t be required for 90 days.

Researchers at UNCC test sewage at dorms hoping to detect presence of COVID-19