‘Very anxious’: Voters feel pressure from election uncertainty

CHARLOTTE — Many people have been feeling emotionally frayed and anxious this election cycle and are ready for the process to be over.

“It’s hard to do normal things when you know in the back of your head there’s a lot going on, and the next four years of country is up in the air right now,” resident Madison Chadwick said.

Mental health experts said they’re seeing more cases and clients than ever before.

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“Almost every client that I’ve been seeing this month, even this week, the anxiety is through the roof,” therapist Veronda Bellamy said. “We’re having to hire more staff at this point because of the need.”

With the election results on hold, some voters are just trying to count down the days.

“It’s unsettling,” resident Diamond Nurse said. “Lots of conversations between friends and I, seeing what’s going on. And it can be very stressful. Leaving me very anxious.”

Experts said the contentious divide between candidates and parties doesn’t help.

“My clients are comfortable telling me how they feel,” Bellamy said. "They’re comfortable with telling me that, ‘I’m either Republican or a Democrat.’ They’re comfortable disclosing that to me, but I’m learning that they’re not comfortable sharing that with their circle.

Experts said it is important for people to find a common ground.

“I think it’s important just to be able to find the balance and try to see what we have in common versus what is separating us,” therapist Perrin Jones said.