• New video released in Maggie Daniels murder investigation

    By: Dave Faherty


    NEWTON, N.C. - New video has been released of police searching an apartment just a few doors from where a popular school counselor was found slain.

    Channel 9 asked the police chief if the person who lives in the apartment is a person of interest in the case, but he declined to answer.
    One police car after another arrived at the Windsor Apartments at Saturday morning to begin their search just a short walk from where Maggie Daniels was found dead.  

    As Channel 9 went through the surveillance video from a nearby business, Eyewitness News could still see investigators there seven and a half hours later before they left.

    Channel 9 has learned police initially got two search warrants for an apartment and phone records.  But investigators said they discovered something inside that required them to get a third search warrant in the case.  They are not revealing what that item was. 

    People are still talking about Daniels four weeks after her death. 

    "I really hope they figure out what's going on. We are all like on pins and needles hoping they find who did this. She was really a sweet girl," said resident Christine White.

    Prosecutors have also been busy in the case filing these three motions during the last 24 hours, asking a judge to seal the most recent search warrants and keep three others from becoming public this Friday.  

    Those searches involved Daniels’ apartment and car and were conducted in the days after her killing and were supposed to be unsealed this Friday. Linda McSwain remembers seeing the 31-year-old jogging through Newton and said very little information has come out about the case.

    "Everything is very hush hush.  Nobody is saying anything at all about it.  There's no information leaking out about it whatsoever and I’m ready for it to be over with,” McSwain said.

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