• Action 9: Viewers reflect on Don Griffin's career in helping people

    By: Blair Miller


    CHARLOTTE, NC - This is Don Griffin's last week at Channel 9 and we will be celebrating Don Griffin's 31 years of service to our community all week long.

    Griffin has helped solve thousands of problems during his time at Channel 9.

    Anchor Blair Miller met two men who said Griffin didn't just save them money, he helped save their lives.

    In November of 2002 when Griffin met Frederick Wilson who needed help getting a company to reupholster his chairs as promised.

    Griffin got those chairs back and even helped Wilson replace them with his couch.

    But it was something else Griffin did that led Miller to sit down with Wilson 11 years later.

    For that original story, Griffin had to reschedule their interview and when they finally met, he explained why.

    Griffin told Wilson he had a bout with prostate cancer and shared his story.

    A few weeks later, Wilson was at the doctor's office following up on a routine medical exam and found out he had stage one prostate cancer.

    Wilson contacted Griffin immediately and over the next few months they talked about the treatment.

    Griffin recommended his doctors in Charlotte and a surgeon in Ohio and Wilson used the same surgeons.

    "He had success and obviously, I wanted success," Wilson said.

    Now more than 10 years later, Griffin and Wilson are both cancer free.

    Wilson said he owes a lot to the man known for helping so many people get their money back.

    "I probably got my life back in a sense," Wilson said.

    Griffin also helped Steve Nicholson.

    For months, Nicholson had been trying to sell his home in Rock Hill but because of a mistaken $35,000 tax lien listed on the property, he couldn't sell it.

    Nicholson spent eight months stressing over that lien and Griffin was able to get it lifted within days.

    Nicholson finally sold his home and moved to Georgia but because he felt so strongly about what Griffin did for him, he drove back to Rock Hill to meet with Channel 9 and share his gratitude.

    "We were basically going to have to lose everything that you worked for and nobody cared," Nicholson said.
    Except Griffin helped him, he said.

    Be sure to tune in Tuesday on Channel 9 where community leaders explain how vital Griffin's work has been in serving those who need help

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    Action 9: Viewers reflect on Don Griffin's career in helping people