‘Virtual Hospital, at Home’: Atrium Health introduces telemedicine program

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After the introduction of coronavirus, hospitals across the Carolinas and the country started to develop ways to perform telemedicine.

Now, Atrium Health is introducing its own program -- “Virtual Hospital, at Home.”

Officials said it is a step forward in telemedicine, but also can make a difference for those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus.

According to a release from Atrium Health, the program combines “remote, virtual care with portable technology that allows patients to remain monitored as if they were in a hospital bed, but from the comfort of their own home.”

Health officials said once you have been tested for the virus and if you think you may need to go to the hospital, but not the level of the ICU, this program is something doctors would suggest.

The technology includes remote monitoring devices such as blood pressure cuffs, a machine to check your oxygen levels and a way to have access to hospital staff 24 hours a day.

“It’s a great way to be able to care for patients in a safe environment, free up our beds in the hospital for those who truly need it and do it in a safe environment,” the hospital said in a statement.

In addition, they said because the monitoring is constant, if someone’s condition gets worse, paramedics will be dispatched immediately to check on the patient.