Volunteers clean up busy Charlotte road as part of worldwide initiative

Volunteers clean up busy Charlotte road as part of worldwide initiative

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Volunteers spent hours along one of Charlotte’s busiest roads picking up trash on Sunday.

They filled multiple trash bags along a 1-mile stretch of Albemarle Road.

The volunteers are with the international nonprofit WeLoveU Foundation, which partnered with Keep Charlotte Beautiful for the effort.

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"We noticed that this area was mainly neglected in terms of cleaning it,” said Greg Zambrana, with the “WeLoveU Foundation.

More than a dozen volunteers spent the cold afternoon picking up the litter with the goal of “(creating) an environment that’s more safe and welcoming.”

“I feel great when I do volunteer work like this,” volunteer Joshua Lopez said.

“Sometimes when people come to visit an area of the community and they see something dirty, they don’t like to visit that area as much,” Zambrana said. “We’re here showing the efforts, trying to improve the community around us, in order that more people may be inclined to come to this area, too.”

The cleanup initiative is part of a worldwide effort by the WeLoveU Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of environmental protection in the face of climate change.

“It’s just to show love to the community,” volunteer Anastasia Washington said.

Volunteers are already planning another cleanup effort next month to remove graffiti in an area of the community.

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