Volunteers paint mural to 'brighten up' Tryon Street underpass

Volunteers paint mural to 'brighten up' Tryon Street underpass

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — North End Partners have been working with Brand the Moth to paint a mural under a busy Charlotte bridge.

The groups said the mural project, which is being painted on the 16th and Tryon streets underpass in the North End neighborhood of Charlotte, is supposed to paint a picture of community togetherness.

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Volunteers from the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department and the local community are in their third week of painting.

So far, the mural is a water scene, which includes waves; a portion with a black goddess; writing; and a portion with a homeless man named Preston Flanning, who has been volunteering his time to help.

The men's shelter helped come up with the theme and message of the mural.

They voted to include a quote on the mural, which will say: “Love is a bridge between you and everything else.”

Flanning said after his wife died in 2010, he landed on some hard times, and the mural has given him hope.

"After this, I think people in the area will see homeless people do care about their community," Flanning said.

North End Partners and Brand the Moth spent weeks gathering options from the men's shelter about the project.

The last time North End Partners fixed up the bridge was right before the Democratic National Convention was in Charlotte, in 2012.

Brand the Moth received a $2,500 grant from United Way, and Benjamin Moore South End donated paint.

The group said it still needs another $5,000 to buy remaining paint supplies.

The group said it would also like to provide a small stipend for the men from the men's shelter who volunteered.

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