• Voters to decide on $290 million worth of school bonds

    By: Torie Wells


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Tuesday, voters will decide whether to approve $290 million in bonds to build and renovate Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.

    Some say that vote would not only improve the value of your home but also the community as a whole.

    The Charlotte Regional Realtors Association said a vote for bonds would strengthen schools, neighborhoods and the housing market.

    President of the Realtors Association, Eric Locher, said people buying homes look at the schools even if they don't have kids.

    "It's very often among the first three questions," he said.

    He said that a future with good schools improves the resale value of a home and the growth of a community.

    "Schools bring investment of new businesses, investment of existing businesses and the growth of our whole economy," Locher said.

    That's part of the reason Ester Elder said voted yes for the bonds. She admits she was hesitant.

    She wanted to see money go to West Charlotte High School which is her alma mater.

    "I was hesitant because the way the money was distributed," Elder said. "I have several properties, so I'm a big taxpayer."

    Tom Davis is a member of the bond oversight committee.

    He's also part of a citizens group that's launched a vote-no campaign.

    He said he's not against investing in schools but thinks the bond package isn't right.

    The district ranked its top projects using one rubric. The county ranked the projects using its own rubric which differed. Davis said the way projects are ranked right now, doesn't address the growing needs of the county.

    He wanted the referendum put on hold.

    "If you're going to put children first and address the needs, then you need to go back and say county commissioners let us do our job and let us prioritize the funds," Davis said

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