• Warrant: Trail of blood led deputies to buried elderly man

    By: Dave Faherty


    MORGANTON, N.C. - New search warrants released detail the evidence uncovered after a slain elderly man was discovered buried in his backyard.

    Deputies are still searching for whoever killed John Clark, 74, on Dec. 19.   

    Clark’s family members just want answers.

    A search warrant states the first deputies on the scene found a blood trail and drag marks coming out of the home.  
    A short time later, they found an area of the yard where someone had recently dug and covered it with leaves.

    IMAGES: 74-year-old man found buried in own yard

    Family members left flowers in the exact spot where deputies made the gruesome discovery finding Clark buried in the yard next to his home.

    "It's like a nightmare. It's like, it is not real. We just can't believe it," said sister-in-law Glenda Clark.

    According to the search warrant, deputies followed a trail of blood to Clark's bedroom where they found more evidence on the wall and under his bed.   

    They are not releasing a motive in the case or how he died, but Channel 9 has learned deputies recovered a shell casing from the home.

    Deputies: 74-year-old Burke Co. man found buried in yard

    "He was sweet. He was loving, kind. He didn't have a harmful or hurtful bone in his body.  He would do anything for me while I was growing up,” said nephew Michael Clark.

    Light bulbs were seized from the residence along with six water jugs.   

    Family members said the home was dark when they went to investigate prior to calling 911, and a water line outside had recently broken.     

    When they got to the door, someone had placed a box of rocks in front of the only entrance before leaving.

    "We just need to know what happened. Everybody is completely devastated. We feel like we're in a dream and we need to wake up," said wife Crystal Cark.

    "Let somebody know something, because until we know something, we are not going to rest,” said Michael Clark.

    Deputies are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in the case.

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