WATCH: Mysterious liquid splashes on truck, road in south Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Channel 9 crew was driving behind a truck on South Boulevard in south Charlotte when they saw a yellow liquid spilling from the truck and onto the road.

Reporter Mark Becker was the one who filmed the mysterious liquid splashing over the top of the truck Friday and onto a red pickup truck right beside it.

(Click PLAY to watch raw video of grease and oil spilling from truck)

Ricardo Munoz was driving the red pickup when it was hit by what turned out to be a mix of cooking oil and grease. He told Channel 9 through an interpreter that fortunately, his windows were rolled up. He also said that he was surprised and that the liquid was spilling everywhere.

The company operating the truck is Dar Pro Solutions. It's a national company that specializes in hauling grease and cooking oil away from restaurants. The local office is based in Marshville.

Channel 9 contacted the company to ask about the incident on South Boulevard. Dar Pro Solutions' corporate office emailed Channel 9 a statement saying in part, "We appreciate this incident being brought to our attention. The leakage is not a normal occurrence from our usually secured loads and will be further investigated."

The local office said it will take corrective actions to keep spilling from happening again.

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